Sunday, March 18, 2012

Box weaving

Yesterday I went to Guild where one of our members gave a box weaving workshop. It's an interesting way of making bags without a loom. We'd been shown how to warp up our boxes at the previous meeting so that we'd be ready to carry on yesterday.

Much to my surprise I actually got round to getting myself prepared in advance (unusual for me) so by the end of the day I'd got on pretty well with my box. I'd decided to use rag strips rather than wool as I have quite a few worn out pairs of jeans lying about the place. I used some DK cotton that I bought a while ago from Texere Yarns for the warp.

I tore the jeans into strips about half an inch wide, the denim was quite soft and pliable as the jeans were pretty old and worn.

This is my progress so far; more pictures   when I've finished it.

If you fancy having a go yourself there are instructions on how to do it in this Interweave PDF "Bags for Beginners"


What a sweetie!