Saturday, April 19, 2008

PINK!!!!!!!! Monkeys

They're a bit more fluorescent than they appear here.

And I wore them to the rugby today as it was breast cancer awareness day so we were wearing pink.

They're lucky socks, we won the game!!!

And we don't talk about last weekend.
Oh dear no.
It might never have happened we're ignoring it so hard!

I want you all to go Here and try this. It's fun (if you're like me and love words) and you'll be doing something good too (as well as wasting a bit of time).

Friday, April 04, 2008

Little bit of busy, little bit of bad.....

Well as per the title of this weeks post I've done a bit of the former and a bit of the latter. Firstly was my "Fidget" by Robin Dodge of One sheep hill ; which I made last weekend to wear to the rugby to keep the drafts out. I used up some Patons Funky Chunky (now discontinued) that I had in my stash (what a good girl!) which goes nicely with my tigers shirt.
I made it about twenty inches long, but I had to frog the end and take a couple of inches off as it was a bit loose.

Buttons were stash buttons too from the Kirkwood Hospice shop.

Nice quick knit and I love the texture of the twisted moss stitch.

Next the little bit bad. Having used two 50g balls from my stash I then followed up a posting on one of the Ravelry message boards and went to look at the Violet Green website. Needless to say the lure of beautiful, reasonably priced sock wool combined with free delivery was not to be resisted. This lovely little lot was waiting for me on the mat when I got back from work on Tuesday. (No driving this week, I've had a bad back).

More busyness on Wednesday and Thursday night in the form of a little bit of combing. This is some of the Wensleydale fleece that I mentioned washing a couple of weeks ago. It was sat staring at me so on Wednesday evening I got a (nylon) comb out and had a go at it. The nylon comb isn't ideal for the task. For one thing I've broken a fair number of the teeth already. I had a go at flick carding it on one of my carders and that seems to speed things up a bit. Now I'm considering a weekend trip to Wingham Wool Work in order to invest in a proper set of combs.

Why is it so easy to find things to spend money on?