Friday, September 14, 2007


Phew, what a process that turned out to be. Thanks to you all for your feedback on the choice of buttons. The majority went for the buttons on the right hand side, and they were my choice too. Unfortunately Cris was right (typical bloody man) and they were too small.

Soooooo, this morning I went into town to have another look in the charity shop and failing that to go to the shop in the Queensgate Market that sells such things. It's called the Sewing Box and they have a good selection of buttons amongst other sewing stuff.
And these are the ones that I chose in the end. Lovely.
Here's a picture of the finished cardigan on me.
And here's one of it on the floor. I think it suits me better than the floor, but I couldn't get a particularly good picture.
I took it in to work yesterday and nearly lost it to a colleague who tried to run off with it. Luckily I managed to catch her and wrestle her to the ground before she escaped.
In reply to some of the questions on my previous post; it wasn't difficult to knit with hand spun, it was quite nice wool to knit with (she said modestly) I'll put that down to the sheep rather than me though. I plied three singles together as I'd read that this creates a better yarn for knitting and it came out at about 12 WPI.
I found a link to the pattern on Abby Franquemont's blog Abby's Yarns though there are a couple of other people on Ravelry that are knitting it. I knitted the medium size and just had enough of the light coloured wool to complete it, to the extent of missing the last two rows at the neckline and breaking off the tails of yarn under the arms to complete the last row!!! I have nearly a whole ball of the dark grey left though. It's a tiny bit tight on my butch truckers arms but apart from that I'm happy with the fit. The only adaptation to the pattern that I made was that when cabling I cabled to front on one side and to the back on the other which the pattern didn't specify. This was probably a tad anal of me.
I got a text from a friend yesterday telling me a balloon with 90 on it had landed in his garden and it had come all the way from Formby.
I was quite excited at this being a big fan of balloons, in fact I took a picture of this one that had just taken off in Bourton on the Water when I parked the truck up on Tuesday night. Imagine my disappointment when he revealed that it was only a party balloon that had landed! He said that the old boy who'd released it was quite excited when he rang him to tell him where it had landed though.
I had quite an exciting run this week as I met the Tour of Britain going over the Malvern hills on Wednesday. Unfortunately going through the Wyche Cutting I met an Eddie Stobart truck with a trailer on the back coming in the other direction just as the race had passed and floods of spectators were attempting to get back to their cars. I managed not to run over any spectators despite the road being particularly narrow and windy at that point but managed to take out one of the barriers or flags or something and bent the under run bar on the truck! RATS!!!!
Finally here's a picture of the little beggars that are trying to destroy my house. It has wood cladding on the top half and wooden window frames (mostly) and I think they come for the insects that live in the cracks. I'll be sitting at the computer of lying in bed and I'll hear a tap, tap, tap, tapping noise; and there they are! Cheek!
ps, you may need to click on the picture, apparently you can't see who (or what) is destroying the house otherwise.


Ro said...

OIC! It took me a while to work out what the last piccy was of. I wondered why a plant was trying to eat your house.

carol said...

Ha! They do it to our walls, but fortunately they are gritstone, so it will take them a while to demolish us. Mind you, they occasionally venture too close to open windows, and the cats get overexcited......

Ling said...

Is that a parrot? WOW!

Your cardigan looks lovely - I'm not surprised that a colleague tried to run away with it.

Kath said...

Blue Tits are such characters but it must be so annoying to have them tap tapping away at your house. I always remember that they used to get milk bottles or am I getting confused?! I love the little top - I know what you mean about trying to get a good shot it can be so hard at times contorting yourself in front of the mirror! The buttons look good as well.

ra said...

hey ro you've met that plant and know that it (and others) are slowly devouring my house!