Friday, December 21, 2007

A very merry one!

Happy Christmas one and all.

No I'm not drunk, just trying to look a little animated whilst I model the hat I've knitted myself. I wore it round the warehouse yesterday with a safety pin holding the end, then frogged half of it last night to improve the shaping and now I'm happy with it. Folk at work said it needs a pom pom, but I'm just not a pom pom kinda girl, so that's it, finished!

(An' I warn you Ro, I'm going to be wearing it at the London Irish game after Christmas!!) Ho Ho Ho!!!


Dee said...

Solstice greetings, Ra. Fabulous hat – and I said it needed a tassel on the end, not a pom-pom – big difference.

Why do you have one blue door and one brown door? ;)

See you in the new year.

Als said...

Sounds like Jenn and I had better steal Nikk's Hurricanes hat then to show you up!!! I presume that's the game you're taking us to sleep through after our long flight!

wednesdayschild said...

Greetings from the USA! I came across a comment of yours from 06 when I was googling Stows of Sowerby. I've been trying to find out if they still exist - seems like they don't. I'd appreciate any info you could post about them. Thanks very much!


Belated holiday wishes to you Ra! and Happy New Year too. Hope it's a good'un