Friday, February 15, 2008


Has been what I've been mostly doing this week, textilewise. Following a great deal of useful feedback from a query I made on one of the Ravelry forums I screwed cuphooks into the base of both my lazy kates and fed a length of string with an elastic band on the end round the base of the bobbins to give some tension when plying. It DID work, but it took a while to get the tension correct; particularly as I was plying from two Kates with two bobbins on each.

The other problem I had was that the singles seemed to get caught up in themselves somethimes and would snap, or the Kate would move. At first I thought this was because the tension was too strong, but I think it may have something to do with the way I'm filling the bobbins as I'm spinning. If I lose track of what I'm doing and get a large build up of yarn in one place rather than moving along the hooks regularly it affects the way that the yarn reels off the bobbin when plying which in turn has an effect on the tension when plying. I guess it's all trial and error. I spent a fair amount of time swearing, a fair amount of time rejoining the singles where one of them had snapped and most of the time sort of lying treadling with my right leg with my left leg splayed out in an attempt to hold (two) Kates still with the toes of my left foot. It was quite uncomfortable; but I've ended up with three skeins of three ply (plus a ply of the shiny stuff). I soaked it overnight and have hung it up to dry and am quite pleased with the finished result though I guess it could be more even. Still got a lot more to do if I'm going to have enough for a garment.

I think that part of the problem is that in using two lazy kates rather than one the tension isn't even across the four bobbins. I also think that because they are quite light they move about too easily. I may have to go back to the drawing board and either make or buy something that's more effective. In the meantime I'll soldier on.

TuttleyMuttley has tagged me for a meme but I think I may have already done it; or one very similar. I thought it would be interesting to see if anything had changed in the last two years. Then (scroll down to feb 3rd post) and now:

4 jobs I have held:
Housing Officer
Truck driver
Shop assistant

4 movies I like:
Guys and dolls
Singin' in the rain
Went the day well?

4 Places I've been:
Moreton Underhill
West Malvern
Chipping Sodbury
Bourton on the Water

4 places I have lived:
Clifton Upon Dunsmore

4 TV shows/programs I watch:
Life in Cold Blood
The twenties in colour-The Wonderful world of Albert Kahn
The West Wing
Neighbours (Susan Kinski has some fabulous knitwear!)

4 Radio-shows I listen to:
Today Programme
The Archers
The Now show / Newsquiz whichever is on on Friday night at 6-30
The food programme

4 favorite foods:
Roast dinner
chocolate ice cream

4 places I'd rather be:
In bed
welford Road
Somewhere a bit warmer (but not HOT!)
On the road somewhere nice on a nice day


Ro said...

Sounds like you've been having a busy time with your lazy kates. I admire you for your ingenuity.

ps Als has nicked my wheel!

ra said...

the beech!! d'you want to borrow one of mine?

Dorothy said...

Something else we have in common - favourite radio programmes! I love all 4 of your choices.

By the way, are those Timbertops wheel bobbins? They look familiar to me.

I like your lazy kates. Having tension on the bobbins does make plying easier. I used to have a great arch shaped Kromski lazy kate with a tension device, it worked rather like a scotch tensioner, but I sold it with my first wheel.

One way to solve the problem of the singles catching is to use two lazy kates and put one on your right side, one on the left, so the threads only come together at the point where you are plying. I was given this tip to use for plying fancy yarns.

Als said...

Only stolen temporarily! I promise to give it back once my Wee Peggy arrives from NZ, eventually!

Anonymous said...

Love the sparkle!
I too have noticed Susan Kinski's knitwear and particularly favour her asymmetricals!
Hope she gets off!

TutleyMutley said...

What comes round, comes around - Interesting subtle changes over a year?!
Love the three ply - I thought at first that you'd beaded it.
I'm only a beginner spinner so I'm amazed and awed by your Lazy Kate contraptions.