Saturday, April 19, 2008

PINK!!!!!!!! Monkeys

They're a bit more fluorescent than they appear here.

And I wore them to the rugby today as it was breast cancer awareness day so we were wearing pink.

They're lucky socks, we won the game!!!

And we don't talk about last weekend.
Oh dear no.
It might never have happened we're ignoring it so hard!

I want you all to go Here and try this. It's fun (if you're like me and love words) and you'll be doing something good too (as well as wasting a bit of time).


Ling said...

Lovely pink monkeys!!

I was thinking about you last weekend. Sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those socks - and have just wasted - err passed valuable time playing the free rice game - great link Ta!

Dorothy said...

Stunning socks!

Annie said...

Those socks are wow!
Please have a look at my blog and consider yourself tagged, if you'd like to, of course.

Kath said...

Love the socks. I too have just passed considerable time polishing up my linguistic capabilities (good fun too!!)