Friday, January 23, 2009

My first (woven) scarf

And I'm soooo proud of it. I took it in to work and showed it to everyone (even the ones who weren't interested!). Mostly people were very polite and said nice things. One said he thought I'd cut up and dyed an old sack but that's about what I expected from him and I think he was quite impressed really!!!!

The edges are a wee bit wonky and the fringe went sort of floofy when I tossed it into the washing machine to full it but I'm quite pleased with it. It has a very nice drape to it.

Now I have to decide what my next project will be. I quite fancy a bag using old plastic bags, but I also quite fancy tea towels or something a bit different. We shall see.

Following my post about Turtle Bags last week I was pleased to see when I stopped at the service station on the M6 this week that the M&S food shop there was selling them. I'd sort of got the impression that it was a bit of a cottage industry but if they're in M&S they're obviously bigger than I thought. Way to Go.


Ling said...

A lovely woven project. I'm about to get a tutorial on weaving from a friend, so I might have another hobby!

ra said...

go for it, it's great fun

Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh well done! I have a rigid heddle loom tucked away but have never ever managed to get it set up.

picperfic said...

oooh I love your old bit of cut up sacking! It is beautiful! My first project is on my loom and I can't wait to finish it so I can start my second!