Friday, June 19, 2009


This is some BFL that I bought from Wheeldale Woolcraft. I got a50g of the dark blue and 50g of the variegated light blue. I spun them then plied them together (had a bit of the dark blue left so I Andean plyed that using my home made cardboard Andean plying tool).

I've never spun BFL before and bought these tops so I could try it out. I have to report that all the stuff I've read about it is true. It was fantastic to spin; very easy to draft. I'm not absolutely sure what I'm going to make with it. I've ended up with over 400yards of the variegated and just under 100 yards of the dark blue at about twenty WPI. I'm considering using it for weaving rather than knitting, but I'm not wedded to anything in particular as yet.


ambermoggie said...

looks great, my favourite fibre after mohair:)

Dorothy said...

BFL is wonderfully soft so great for the kind of scarf to wear next to your skin. My first handspun knit was a BFL scarf for my boyfriend and he loves it.

I hope the tennis elbow isn't a problem for knitting?