Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Book Charkha

I received an exciting package in the post the other week whilst I was having a particularly crappy day at work. My car had refused to start that morning so I'd had to catch the bus in. A journey that usually takes 15 minutes or so took nearly an hour and a half and I knew it was going to take as long to get home again.  The parcel cheered me up though and I could hardly wait to open it.

Inside the plastic envelope was this

and stitched inside that was this
which opened up to reveal this

which when unpacked and set up looked like this
on which I managed to spin this 
I'm having great fun with it. 
SarahW on Ravelry (a rather more experienced cotton spinner than me) was kind enough to send me a sample pack of different kinds of cotton fibre from Cotton Clouds in the US so I've tried spinning from sliver, from punis, from cotton still attached to the seed, green cotton, brown cotton, white cotton. I've plied the singles (though I did that on one of the wheels, charkhas aren't great for plying). 
This is what I've spun up so far
The skein on the left was spun on the wheel with a quill attachment but the other two were spun on the charkha and plied on the wheel.
I went to World of Wool last Friday and bought 100g of Egyptian cotton top and my Tour de Fleece project for this year is going to be spinning and making something from cotton.
Bring it on!

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Caroline in NH said...

Beautiful charkha, and great job spinning! I have a book charkha, but mine looks quite aged - yours is very shiny & pretty & new looking! I saw your post in the TdF forum on Rav & looked for more info on your spinning and your charkha. Both are lovely!