Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shameless Begging Post

Well I've done it, I've agreed to do a sponsored walk!

Every year for the past four years the Northampton Saints supporters group "Saints with Heart" have walked the seventeen miles from Wolverton to their ground at Franklin's Gardens in Northampton before a match in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

This year they decided that in order to get more people to join in they would also organise a number of shorter walks from various places but all ending at Franklin's Gardens before their match against Borders on 28th October.

I decided that even I could manage the few miles from Old Northamptonians R.F.C. to F.G. so I'm joining in despite the fact that as a Leicester Tigers supporter all Saintanists are my sworn enemy!!(I have to say that it's the law!!!). Of course the real punishment isn't the walk, it's having to sit through a Saints match without the pleasure of watching them being beaten by Tigers.

Anyhoo, to the begging bit. I have a webpage which you can reach by clicking here where you can pledge money to this worthy cause should you so wish. Or you can access it by clicking on the Saints With Heart 5 logo in the sidebar. Please give generously!


Ro said...

Nice socks. Must dig out my Tigger socks for the walk too.


Hope your walk goes well. Wish I could sponsor you for more but life on sick leave is pretty brassic! Good luck anyway!