Friday, September 29, 2006

Secret project

I had to keep it secret in case someone from work saw it before it was finished but they've seen it now so I can post the pics.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the end result but here it is anyhow. You see at work I have to wear a high-vis vest in the warehouse so I don't get run over by a picking machine or a reach truck, you can see my standard issue yellow vis vest hanging over the back of the living room door in this first photo.

However I fancied something slightly different but they only come in yellow and orange so when I saw some fluorescent pink yarn on my last visit to Coldspring Mill I had to snap up a skein. I am now the proud owner of a bright pink high-vis. vest (or a high-vis cardi as one of my workmates put it).

I did buy some reflective tape to sew onto it so I can wear it in the goods yard too but the vest is strechy and the tape is not so I haven't managed to attach it in a satisfactory manner!

I probably will wear it, only when I'm strolling around the warehouse in a stock control capacity not when I'm doing manual work; I don't want it getting dirty or getting snagged on a pallet. It's also a bit warm at the moment but will be perfect in the winter, gets a bit nippy in there don'tcha know?

PS. I remembered reading on someone's blog a while ago that she was using welding rods for blocking lace so yesterday I asked a chum at work if he had any welding rods and he's agreed to bring some in for me to try.

His comment "huh, should have guessed it was something to do with knitting!" Bless.

If you decide to try this, when they ask if you want gas welding rods or electric it sounds as if gas ones are better being finer than the electric ones and copper coated to stop them rusting, apparently!


Ling said...

Your high vis vest certainly looks better than the standard issue yellow one. Lovely!

Rain said...

A huge thanks for your kind words of support on my blog.

I love your hi-vis vest, they'll certainly see you coming in such a bright pink. I think it's fabulous.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Brilliant - love it! Tom has to wear a high-vis for work, wonder if I should knit hime one..... ;)