Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fleece Preparation

This is the white cheviot fleece I bought off ebay. In fact it's only half of it. Wasn't sure I'd have the space to dry all of it in one go.

Here it is soaking in the bath. The first rinse released some sand and grit but after that it was pretty clean. There was a certain amount of vegetation in it which I've had to pick out but this doesn't surprise me too much. Sheep live out in fields after all!

Here it is after draining the water off after the final rinse. Don't it look lovely?

This is the brown as it arrived (again only half of it). This had much less vegetation in it but did contain part which had a certain amount of poo in it. This went down the loo (I know, I know I should have saved it to line my bean trenches next spring! )

Here's the brown soaking in it's Ecover bath. Haven't got a picture of it drained off but it's now sitting on an old sheet in front of the gas fire drying out.

Bye the way I've re-organised my sidebar to include links to podcasts, both knitting and non knitting. Anyone unfamiliar with it who enjoys political satire do give the "Now Show" podcast a go. It's very funny!


Woolly Wormhead said...

Isn't it great working from the raw fleeces? I much prefer it. Did you have much trouble getting the lanolin out, or was the Ecover sufficient?

Artis-Anne said...

Now they look a heck of a lot better than the ones I bought off E-bay ; could you tell me who the seller was ?. I have a llanwenog fleece and a Lleyn x Shetland to clean but think I will wait until the New Year as I have rather a lot to do at the mo :) Happy Spinning oh & Happy Xmas too :)