Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I feel very virtuous as I've just spent some time tidying up the "my pictures" folder on my PC. I've deleted shedloads of stuff, mostly smaller copies for uploading to the internet and strange pictures of my knees, or a corner of the living room that I've taken to try out the camera. Also gone are the endless pictures of half finished projects; useful for posting to show progress but once I have a picture of the finished work why bother with the work in progress (unless it's a particularly delightful detail).

I've also tried to organise the sub folders and their contents into some sort of sensible order so that I can find things more easily. I know that it won't last but it'll do to be going on with.

Having said all that, my latest knitting is a pair of "Monkey" socks from the latest issue of Knitty and guess what? I don't have a picture of them to post! typical! I'm knitting than in some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in "Fall Foliage". I'm halfway down the foot of the second sock, so they're coming on quite well.

After I posted last weekend I made another felt panel. Thanks to you all for your response to the first one. Everyone was so complimentary. I have to admit that I was pretty chuffed with the result myself.

Here's number two, together with a closeup of the detail. A friend came round yesterday morning to pick me up to go to work and asked to see the felt I'd made. She's decided that she wants to have a try so I've said when it gets warmer we'll give it a go. She seems very keen.

The picture at the top of the post is somewhere I went on Wednesday to do a drop, I won't say where in deference to my customers' privacy. It was a beautiful day and I saw some lovely countryside. When it's like that I love my job, despite it being bloomin' hard work.

This is the end of the road where I have to turn round

and this is the duck pond I have to drive past. Note the edge crumbling away! I'm convinced that before many more years have passed there's going to be a SUMA truck stuck in that pond! Hope I'm not the one who's driving it.

It's usually pretty quiet down this road as it doesn't really go anywhere but this week I met a Travis Perkins truck coming down as I was going out! LoL! (I was going to take a picture of the situation but I didn't feel that the driver would have been very amused, so I just reversed up and let him pass).


Artis-Anne said...

Oh what lovely picciesand it does feel as Spring is on its way . Funnily enough I too am knitting Monkey, great pattern and I too have been needle felting
Your panel looks great , what size is it ?
Now we don't drive a truck but we do have a largish motorhome and I understand your 'Travis' encounter . Ours is left hand drive & I am usually in the passenger seat with my knitting and my eyes closed & breathing in !!

acrylik said...

Monkey's a lovely pattern, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing your progress pic at some point.

I am really enjoying seeing your felting pics, really creative.

Kath said...

Lovely photos, great scenery and lovely felting work.
Looking forward to seeing magic monkey!

TutleyMutley said...

Felting is messy, isn't it? (Repeats: I do not need any more hobbies, I do not...) Your projects look so intriguing, bright, yummy.
It's great to get paid for driving around scenic views, isn't it? I'm amazed at how many people don't know how to reverse up narrow country lanes. We quite often meet whacking big coaches round the corner of teenytiny Dartmoor lanes. I try to never argue with something bigger than me!

katie said...

hello Suma driver! we used to have a food co-op and welcomed our suma driver like father christmas bringing our next three months supply of ... everything!
felt sample very tasty - but if you think you can only make felt in the garden you need a few tips about WATER! I used to wear wellies to felt - now I make the stuff in a very arid environment! you can do it in a small space and with Very Little Water!
tips provided on request!
take care