Friday, February 02, 2007

Been shopping again

Last weekend I took a trip out to Kilburn in North Yorkshire. I'd bought some raw fleece on ebay and rather than getting it posted I asked if I could pick it up instead. Boy am I glad I took the trouble to do so.

The day started miserable, wet and windy and I wasn't too happy about driving up there having driven down to Leicester and back the day before. (Bit of a busman's holiday for me!) But by the time I hit the A1 the sun had come out and I was cursing leaving my sunglasses behind.

I'd bid for two lots of wool (or rather Ro had bid on my behalf; the auction had ended on Tuesday evening whilst I was parked up for the night in Bourton on the Water without access to the internet.) I'd won 500g of Coloured Bleu-du-Maine and 500g of coloured Ryeland/Jacob cross (both raw fleece).

I'd arrived a bit early and took a turn round the village and a couple of pictures for my blog. I was quite surprised to see the white horse on the hill behind the houses. I knew there was one there but didn't realise I was so close to it.

Sandie who was selling the fleece met me at half twelve and when we got back to her house proceeded to pull out sacks from all over the place with different kinds of fleece in them and chat about sheep, spinning, knitting and the Maryland sheep festival which she's planning to attend later this year. It was amazing. Needless to say I didn't come away with only the gear I'd bought on ebay. I was pretty restrained though. An hour and a half later I left with my two ebay purchases plus 300g of Colored Ryeland/Corriedale/Manx cross, some of which was raw fleece and some of which had been washed and carded. Sandie was able to get back to keeping an eye on her ewes which are currently lambing.

Here's a picture of one of the raw locks of the Ryeland/Corriedale/Manx fleece. Isn't it lovely?

I've washed and dried the remainder of that and the Bleu-du-Maine is currently soaking in an Ecovery bath.

Sandie says she doesn't even bother carding this, she just teases it out and spins it in the grease, but I've been thoroughly indoctrinated now and I wash my fleece first like a good girl! It is beautiful though, even without washing.

Knitting news is that the cardigan is coming along nicely. I've just got about three inches of the collar left to knit and the underarm seams to sew up. I'm well pleased with it, though I'm not sure if it will be big enough for the intended recipient. Being a bit of a twit I neglected to take her measurements before I started. I just thought "Yeah, she's about the same size as me".

Ro says she isn't!



acrylik said...

What a wonderful trip out that was! Looking forward to seeing it all spun up.

TutleyMutley said...

All this talk of spinning. I really must have a go. Am watching with interest.
You've been fast with that cardigan! I thought - there's no way you'll make the birthday when you announced your plans, but you have! Even if you have to wear it yourself!

Artis-Anne said...

I already knew you had these fleece , do you want to know how? I saw them on E-Bay and saw the bidders ID ended with tigger so I figured it MIGHT be you ;-) so I didn't try to outbid and guess what Kath and I won some last week so that was meant to happen :) An even better case of 'small world' Sandie is a member of the online Weavers & Spinners Group I am in and I didn't know it was her until I won the fleece. yummy isn't it ? I got some Ryeland shearling and its soaking as I write

ra said...

I wondered if anyone would connect the names, I keep an eye out for other bloggers when buying stuff on ebay but haven't spotted any yet!

Glad you got some too though. It's certainly good stuff. I've just sent off a subscription to the online guild as I don't think I'd make it to Bradford for meetings.

Artis-Anne said...

The Yahoo group is not SWD Guild but it is an UK group I think and you do get some good tips etc there I'll put the link here if you are interested. Shame you can't get to a guild but its the next best thing .