Friday, July 06, 2007

Okay, I was going to talk about Woolfest.


I am so bloody angry that I feel the need to have a rant first.

I got back from my run this week to find a card through my door saying that the postman had tried to deliver a parcel. Yippee; the Ecco boots that I'd bought on ebay to replace the much loved pair that had died some time ago after many years of good service but which Ecco no longer manufacture.

Resisting the temptation to collect them before work yesterday I decided to do it on my day off as I'd be going shopping anyway. So this morning I made a list of all the things I needed to do in town (efficient) and drove in, only realising as I got out of the car in Tesco's car park that I'd forgotten to bring the card (marginally less efficient).

"Damn" I thought, "bet I haven't got any proof of ID either". So I looked in my purse and discovered that I had my digital Tacho card. Now bear in mind that a digital tacho card is an official government document from the DVLA. It bears not only my name, address, driving details but a photograph of me as well! Okay it's not a particularly good photograph, it's certainly not a flattering photograph, but you CAN tell that it's ME!

Was this good enough for the parcels office at the post office? Of course not. "You'll have to come back with the card." They said.

I asked why when I had proof positive that I was the person to whom the parcel was addressed I needed to have the card as well. Apparently it's in case I'd just picked up the ID in the street.
"BUT" I pointed out "If I'd picked up the ID in the street I wouldn't know that there was a parcel waiting for me AND it wouldn't have my photograph on it." Not good enough, "The Rules" say that I have to have the card and no-one is going to override "The Rules", not the minion on the desk, not his equally brain dead supervisor.

What's to stop someone finding the card in the street and going in to collect the parcel? The answer is that they have to check IDs too (of which a credit card is an example, no photograph on a credit card of course). They don't keep a record of the id that's used to pick up the parcel or the name of the person that picks it up, just a signature. Can YOU read other peoples signatures?

Basically "The Rules" are there to cover their arses if they give a parcel out to the wrong person, it won't prevent a thief picking a parcel up but it will be proof that they've done everything possible to ensure that they've done "The right thing". Which I could just about accept if it were true. But it's so obviously NOT BLOODY LOGICAL!!!!!

I can have the parcel re-delivered, but I'm supposed to be going to Ro's this weekend and I'll be driving again next week (such a drag having to work for a living isn't it dahlings!). Oh, not going to be in? Perhaps I can arrange for someone to be in when the parcel comes; a friend or neighbour or member of my family. No they can't say what time it'll be delivered. I can (get this) have it delivered to ANOTHER ADDRESS! This without them even checking that I'm who I say I am. Despite the fact that I have ID, they are so wedded to "The Rules" that nobody has even asked to see it!

I used to think that privitisation was a bad thing but I'm starting to have a re-think. These people are supposed to be fighting for their jobs and expect the public to support them FAT BLOODY CHANCE! I am so glad that I have a job that allows me to make decisions based on the facts before me and that if I screw up or make a bad decision I have to take responsibility for it, but at least I CAN TAKE A DECISION. If I piss off my customers they know that it's me doing it, not "The Rules". When I refuse to take payments in cash it's because I'm not happy with carrying cash around in the truck, not 'cos I'm told I can't, and I tell people that.

Right! Okay! That's it! Rant over, I can feel a letter to the Postmaster General coming on next (I think I'm turning into my dad, he and the PG were practically pen pals towards the end of his life!) Tomorrow Woolfest (or possibly even later today, lots of pics to sort out!)

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Als said...

Take it from me honey it's no better down here!!
When our postie has a parcel he/she doesn't even come to the door to see if we're in just puts the card in the box. (NZ post boxes are at the end of the drive!) I've seen it done when I was waiting in specially for a parcel. Then it's not returned to the Post Shop until after the end of the round, often about 3.30, so you get there too early!!