Sunday, January 20, 2008

Action Packed Weekend

Sorry chicks, no pictures again. I really must get the old camera out and take some, but the light is so bloody awful. Mind you having said that I really wished that I'd had it with me last Wednesday morning as I drove from Inkberrow to Leigh; a distance of no more than twenty miles. I made the mistake of doing it between eight and half nine in the morning and that's about how long it took. It was an absolutely beautiful morning though, clear and clean; probably because of the torrential rain of the previous night. I'd have loved to be able to post pictures of the floods around Worcester, I had plenty of time as I sat stationary in the rush hour traffic to take any number of pictures, but alas I'd neglected to pack my camera. I'll try to remember to take it with me in future.

The weekend has been action packed as I splashed out and bought myself a laptop and a wireless router on Friday and have spent the best part of Friday and Sunday setting the damn thing up. Still it's done now, security all sorted out after a (second) trip to PC World in order to ensure that I had the right end of the stick re: how to protect my network from unwanted intruders. And I've just finished rearranging the living room so that there's a table (with a handy socket) for it to live on when I'm not carting it around. Why is it that when you move stuff around you're always left with a load of junk that you can't find a home for? This is currently in a pile in the middle of the living room. And there's a chair in front of the TV. No, it's RIGHT in front of the TV.

So now I will be able to listen to the Tigers' away games in the comfort of my living room instead of upstairs in the computer room (chilly) and I can watch TV progs that I've missed when out driving (I bought a cable to link the laptop to the TV as well so that I can view stuff again on a decent sized screen). Don't really know that it's enough to justify the expense but I know that I'll use it; I'll probably just be like Ro though and never use the PC again!!!

ha, gotta photo. Over Christmas I Knitted the "Lighthouse Gansey Socks" from Knitty for my neice from New Zealand. Just checked up on my email and Ro has sent me a picture of them being modelled by Jenn.
Another of them being modelled by jenn and a ferret (Ron). They said in Ikea that they're weasles but I've seen a weasel and they're far smaller than that.
I've also found a picture of "My so called scarf" by Sheep in the city, which I knitted for big sis (Jenns mum) recently returned from the land of the long white cloud.


Kath said...

I love the colour of the bag - will be good to see the FO. Good to hear you're getting your hedge laid as it's nice to see the traditional methods maintained and they look nicer too I always think! Hope the new laptop works out OK for you and look forward to seeing your pictures at some point. Happy New Year too!

Als said...

Who says Ro's PC doesn't get used! I've used it several times in the last week to print my CV and job applications. The 2 laptops (Jenn didn't bring hers!) aren't connected to the printer.

Ling said...

Great FOs - I must resurrect my half finished My so-called scarf after seeing yours!

Love the picture of the ferret!