Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hurrah, back online!!

So I've been without t'internet from Monday to Friday (bet nobody even noticed) and I still don't know why. At first I thought it was my service provider but Thursday evening I replaced the new router with the old modem and all was well. Put the router back and nada again. It wasn't the wireless that was the problem as I tried the PC (which the router is plugged in to) as well as the laptop and still nothing. Friday morning I tried it again and BINGO, all was well again.

Sometimes I hate technology.

Have to say that I miss the Internet when it's not there. I'm on a couple of message boards and like to think that my rude comments (must learn to control my more acerbic inclinations) are appreciated by some if not all the contributors. Have had to spend the week being rude to real people instead!

On the fibre front I continue to spin, and spin, and spin, (and card a bit) and spin. Sunday I may do some more plying having spun three more bobbins worth. At least it makes me feel as if I'm doing something productive whilst I'm watching the TV; and I MAY be improving slightly I suppose. I just hope that I'm keeping it fairly consistent with the first batch. I know you're supposed to card the whole lot, then spin the whole lot, then ply the first with the last etc etc etc but No one really does that do they? At least I haven't started knitting yet (though tempted).

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Ling said...

Dang internet connections! I hear your pain. I'm suffering with intermittent connection as well. My trick is to unplug the wireless modem for 1 minute, plug it in again and it usually works. Go figure!