Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Short and sweet

Got back from my run and am very tired but am going to post 'cos I haven't for a while. I'm three quarters of the way through a Christmas present Clapotis which is all red and sparkly. I'm praying that it works out okay 'cos I've invested some time in it and I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO FROG IT!!! (If it works I'll put a picture up.)
Plan on returning to Addingham on Friday in order to get some more yarn to make a bag to match one of the finger scarves I made (another Christmas pressy). Ro needs some more of the Softy that she got there too so I'll get that as well and possibly some for myself to knit a hotty bottle cover (yup, another pressy).
I've had a traumatic two days, victim of road rage yesterday (which is odd cos I'm usually the one raging!) and then about three hours later I ran into a parked car (ouch) when I stopped on a slope and didn't put the parking brake on properly. The truck wasn't damaged but I dented the wing of the car and smashed the wing mirror.

Oh well, things can only get better (can't they?)!

Bye the way can anyone tell me how to persuade blogger to put the correct time and date on my posts automatically. I always have to change it manually before posting and I've been into the settings and told it I'm on GMT.

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