Thursday, December 22, 2005

Today I have been following pancake the clown......

Or so the sign on the back of a van that passed me on the A500 said. Didn't follow him far 'cos he turned off soon after. A fleeting relationship!

I'm only on here 'cos I can't sleep, gotta stinky cold (typical, holiday starts on Friday) and I'm feeling sorry for myself. Haven't really got much to say. All quiet on the knitting front since the weekend. The Hot water bottle cover was progressing nicely at that point but I didn't take any knitting away with me. Quiet run this week, managed to avoid road rage and running into anything too (which is nice); and got Christmas presents and kind words from some of my customers.

Thursday will be my last day at work then I'm off for a fortnight, woo hoo!

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