Friday, April 28, 2006

blog, blog, blog, blog, blogging along..........

. . . . . . on the beautiful briny sea.

Okay I paraphrase (or misquote if you prefer!)

Bin a bit naughty today. Firstly I've hardly done any housework, though two loads of washing, a small amount of tidying and made bread so I've not been too lazy.

BUT secondly I bought a pattern. Now I don't often pay for patterns (I do buy magazines, but that doesn't really count), usually I trawl the web and find free ones that I like and so far I've found more free patterns that I like than I'll ever get round to knitting. HOWEVER I've recently downloaded some software for subscribing to podcasts, so spent most of the day downloading and listening to archives of Knitcast. One of these was an interview with Annie Modesitt and I was trying to remember who she was when it came to me

aha, the one who designed the corset!!!!

So I went post haste to her site to drool over it some more (which I have done many times before). I've never bought it before though and before I knew it I did the deed. Paypal makes this sort of thing FAR TOO EASY! Have to say though that paying and then downloading the PDF immediately is great as far as instant gratification goes and the price of $5.00 transalates to about £2.80 which is practically NOTHING.

Anyhow for those of you who are unfamiliar with said corset here's a pic .

Isn't that just the cats pyjamas?

As it says at the beginning of the pattern booklet

"This is flattering on all figure types. It won't make a size sixteen look like a size six, but it will make a size sixteen the sexiest size sixteen in town!"

And that's good enough for me!


Annie said...

I couldn't resist that pattern, either, although it is still waiting for the right kind of luscious yarn before it will allow itself to be knitted. I'd really like some blood-red silk for mine, how about you?

ra said...

not sure, obviously it has to be silk or a silk mix, but dunno about the colour. Also not 100% sure what "worsted weight" is in English. I'd have thought it would have to be something fairly fine or it'd just look bulky.

Spinningfishwife said...

I bought that pattern some months back, and I`m afraid of it, lol. I joined the (Yahoo?? group KAL and decided that Jaeger Trinity was about right for it...then I froze.

Some day.....*rolleyes*

Cherry Rolfe said...

Great corset -I think worsted weight is 4ply??