Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finished sock

Ha ha, first sock finished. I quite like it but have decided that it's not for me. Thus I am going to give it (and it's potential partner) away as a gift. Hence the length of the foot, it's a bit big for me and my teeny tiny tootsies. Hope it fits, I don't know the size feet of the recipient, but I know they're quite long (well they'd have to be, she's a tall lady and if she had little feet she'd fall over!).

I quite liked the pattern, it repeats over four rows and is pretty straight forward; once I'd got the hang of it it wasn't difficult to remember. The lace has turned out better than I hoped when I first started despite the bobbly nature of the yarn. You can see all the technical details on the previous post when I started the socks.

Here's to the second one.

Still haven't got the new yarn for my Haagebutte Clapotis (which I discovered from the KnitCast podcasts is actually pronounce "Clapotee", bet you all knew that already huh?) but I'm told that it's now on order so with luck I'll be able to pick it up next week. It would have been quicker to order it myself direct from "Get Knitted", but I'm saving myself the postage costs and the possibility of it going missing in the mail. (Not that I'm cheap or owt like that!).

I've found a new online knitting magazine (well new to me) whilst blog browsing. It's called Spun Magazine and it's based in Toronto. I found it through Whip up, which has some fantastic links on it; well worth a look. I'm dying to try the home made bath bombs! (Hope that last line doesn't get my blog picked up and investigated by the secret service! (That's probably compounded the matter!)

Hmm, better stop while I still have my liberty.



I have just cast on a pair myself, also not sure if they will be for me or for someone else, see how they turn out. How did you find the fit of them around the ankle? Are they really stretchy?

ra said...

yus indeed very stretchy. I've got a thick left ankle from when I broke it a couple of years ago (still got a bit of wire and a metal plate in; one either side) and it goes over that no problem. If I were knitting them for myself I'd probably go down a needle size, usually knit the basic Opal pattern on 2.25mm needles. Intended recipient has quite bad arthritis so thought they'd be better with a bit of give in them.


That's very handy to know, I had been deliberating whether to use 2.25 or 2.5 like the pattern and decided to use the smaller ones as I am such a loose knitter (it never seems worth doing tension squares for socks although I know I should!) Hopefully that was the right decision, especially as my feet are pretty small.