Sunday, May 21, 2006

Busy little bee

Or a bit of a saddo depending on your point of view.

Today (and part of yesterday) I have been mostly re-organising (or maybe that should just be organising) my stash.

I found a spreadsheet on someone's blog (I'm VERY sorry, but I'm not sure whose it was or I would give credit where it is due). So I downloaded it, made a few minor adaptations and now my stash is catalogued on computer, packed into boxes and up in the (newly decorated and carpeted) spare bedroom.

As a result of that I've not had much time to knit today but I'll show the progress I made on Pomatomus last night. Had to frog twice, once when I tried to transfer it onto the new needles, and once 'cos I wasn't paying attention to the pattern when it changed direction. GRRRRRRRR!

Seem to have the hang of it now though (famous last words) and I'm just about to pick up stitches for the gusset but I can't find my crochet hook. I've looked in my accessories box as well as down the side of the settee (I even had the vacuum cleaner out for that) but no luck. I'll have to go for it with a bigger hook than I usually use.

Fingers crossed!

Oh bye the way, if you've already read my last post but haven't seen the socks Ro knitted with her hand dyed yarn do go and have a look. I've added the picture to the end of the post today.


Sue said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. :-)

You asked which dyes I use and where I get them from. I use Kemtex dyes from P&M Woolcraft

I love your Pomatomus socks - that green is perfect!

Ling said...

You have been busy. It looks like quite a succesful dyeing experiment. The socks look gorgeous, can't believe Ro has already finished hers.

You should check out a site (sorry don't have a link handy) but it's called Dye-o-rama where bloggers dye and exchange their yarn.

Gabby said...

What fantastic colours and love the sock pattern.
Looks like alot of fun dying your own yarn I can just imagine the kids would love it to... ummmm.


First Lixie, now you, I am starting to feel the urge to database too! Must resist temptation, it will take forever and will only give kenny more amunition in the 'you've filled this house full of crap' argument which I am already losing pityfully....

TutleyMutley said...

I am extremely envious of your organisational skills. One of these days I might dare to take a pic of the chaos in various parts of our house. You will be shocked. indeedy. So, could you pop over some time? with some of those neat plastic boxes?
from the original slob.

ra said...

ha ha you want to see the rest of my house.