Friday, May 12, 2006

Where to start?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin.

Haven't posted for a week now and I have lots of pictures to post so I hope that Blogger is feeling robust today or it could be "monitor through the window" time!!!

Last weekend I went down to see the Tigers play Bristol at home. Needless to say we won (hurrah!) so we have another "last home game of the season" this weekend. I decided whilst I was down there that I'd stop over with Ro and as a result I found myself on Sunday morning at the Pony Club Mounted Games watching my niece and her friends racing round on ponies with flags and bending poles and such.
Here's Em and the rest of her team (she's the one at the far end on the gray pony, Maddy). It was a bit of a manky day weatherwise, but we had fun. I took my knitting so I didn't get bored.

I'm knitting a presentfor a friend's leaving do. She's actually leaving the place where I used to work, not the place I work now, but I'm going to cheer her on her way into retirement later today.
This is the finished item. It's the Teeny Tiny Felted Tote from Sarah's Craft Closet.

I love it. It was so quick to knit and it's soooo teeny and tiny and cute that I don't want to give it away. I used a skein of Noro Kureyon as recommended but made the handles from felted i-cord rather than embroidery thread as suggested in the pattern. I bought the button from the charity shop for 5p, it's hard to see in the picture but it's very dark with a purple crescent round one edge. Perfect!

This isn't my main project at the moment. That's my Haagebutte Clapotis . It's coming along nicely if a little slowly, it's definitely TV watching knitting but I don't seem to have been watching too much TV recently. Still there's no rush and I'm quite happy pootling along with it. Took this picture in slightly dodgy light and it's made the colours look a bit harsh. They show to better advantage in this picture.

Last, but by no means least; I took my teeny tiny tote and my Clapotis to the Knit & Natter last night. Fewer people than usual (it was a particularly delightful evening weatherwise if you're into that sort of thing). But we had a good time anyway.

Here's a picture of the group .


acrylik said...

What wonderful projects! I bet your friend will be delighted with the tote. It looks as though your knitting group has a lovely cosy place to meet!

ra said...

It's a lovely cafe that we meet in, and yesterday with the huge windows and the sunshine it was great.

I got there a bit earlier than everyone else so was trying to persuade the guy in the cafe that they should get their supplies from SUMA. Hope I've got us a new customer there!!!

Ling said...

Hi. The little tote looks gorgeous - I think it's the same colourway as my Booga Bag.
The clapotis looks gorgeous as well.
Good luck with the Kool Aid dyeing. It's addictive