Thursday, September 07, 2006

Extreme badness

Well, I did say that I'd been bad, and here's the extent of my badness!

Last weekend I went to Leamington Spa and picked this baby up. I bought it on ebay and I'm very pleased with it.

Had a go on Ro's Traveller Traditional the other weekend, but this seems much more controllable at low speed which suits me better.
I think that considering the cost of these new I got myself a bit of a bargain.
Here's a (not fearfully good) picture of my first attempt with it.

I deliberately took it out of focus so you can't see if it's any good or not!!

I'm planning to take a few lessons now, just so that I know what I'm looking for and how to achieve it. Wish me luck.

The secret project has suffered a setback. The thing I bought to finish it off arrived whilst I was in Bristol this week, but it's not what I want. (Downside of ebaying!) So I will have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

Darn it!!!!!


Ro said...

Can I just say mine's a Traditional, not a Traveller. And I might just decide to keep yours instead!

Gabby said...

wow thats a beauty..... have fun I remeber doing spinning when I was about 12.
Doing Uni part time.....I have young kids to think about and a job to hold down.

ra said...


in your dreams flower!!! (sorry I got the make of your wheel wrong!)

Kath said...

What type of wheel is it? I'm sorry but right now they all look the same... but pretty I must add!
Have fun all the same!

ra said...

the wheel is an Ashford Elizabeth.

ro said...

It runs beautifully. I only had a little go on it last week but may get down to some serious spinning this weekend before ra reclaims it so at least it gets some use.

Artis-Anne said...

Love the wheel:) . I have just joined my local Spinning, weaving and dyeing group and came home today with an Ashford Traditional to try out and next month a few of the other members are bringing some other wheels for me to try before I make up my mind which to buy, that is if I can wait that long ;)before buying