Friday, September 08, 2006

On the go

Why am I so rubbish at finishing things off, and could this be the reason that my house is so full of STUFF!?!

At the moment I have
  • The Fake-a-gamo - Need to sew up, line and fit the handles,
  • Swallow tail shawl - On the needles, got to a tricky bit on the next chart which involves regular purling five together! Kinda lost heart.
  • Secret Project - Finished knitting but stalled due to lack of vital ingredient!
  • Knit a river squares - These are actually not a real problem, they're my portable project but they do tend to clutter the place up a bit.

Of course by the time I do get round to finishing these things I've forgotten what size needles I used, lost the ballbands to the yarn so that I can't remember what I used or how much. Sometimes I've even lost the pattern too.

In addition to the above there are a load of new and exciting things that I want to start.
  • Today I've Kool Aid dyed some sock wool using the bargain (£9.96) steamer that I bought weeks ago at Tesco especially for dying but hadn't got round to using. So having done that I need to start some socks (can't have enough socks after all!)
  • Bought a spinning wheel so have to start spinning. Luckily this is still at Ro's, couldn't bring it back last weekend as the match was at a stupid time on Sunday so had to drive back up to Yorkshire straight afterwards and wasn't prepared to leave the wheel unattended in a parked car in Leicester for two hours.
  • Haven't started Leo's Tigers top yet and the season started last weekend.
  • Need new jumpers, I want to try a top down raglan, but I'm considering buying one (I know it's the end isn't it. To actually consider buying knitwear that you need 'cos you're too busy knitting fun stuff!!!

No doubt it will all come together in the end, meanwhile my home is disappearing under shedloads of kipple and I have no-one to blame for it but myself!


Ling said...

Welcome to my world of unfinished stuff and collecting more Cr*p than I can hide(store). I know how you feel.

Thank you for your comment on Tempting - the good fit is due to stretchy yarn and 1X1 ribbing and certainly not to my knitting or correct gauge. I very often don't swatch!!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Weird topsy turvey world isn't it - the bigger the pile the less gets achieved. I do love a good sort out, love writing lists, and love going to the recycling yard with a bootful - but by the time I get home, whoa!! - the piles are back!!