Friday, January 19, 2007

New year, new project.

I told my older sister Ann that I'd knit her a cardigan and I intended to knit it for Christmas but never got round to it. Her birthday is at the beginning of February and I have started it but I'm not sure it will be ready by then, we'll see!

Here it is anyway, as far as I've got. It's called Cinzia by Mary Burr. I showed Ann the cardigans in the Knitty archive and this was the one that she chose.

It's an interesting knit, quite textural. You can see the detail in this picture of the slip stitch pattern on the band round the bottom. This stitch is repeated on the collar and cuffs. The main body of the cardigan is knitted in twisted stocking stitch. The full effect of this is probably not very clear given the yarn (Rowanspun Aran from my stash) that I'm knitting it in is pretty textured too. I only have four skeins of the gray (one from a different dye lot which I'm saving for the arms) so I'm doing the band, cuffs and collar in the blue which I think goes quite nicely with it.

It's quite hard work to knit as the size of the needles is smaller than that recommended on the ball band giving a close textured fabric, more like a jacket than a cardigan. Hope she appreciates the effort!!!

I was VERY GOOD last weekend as on the way back up from Ro's I went to Wingham Woolworks and looked at a drum carder but didn't buy it! I'm thinking about it, but I'm not sure that I can justify the expense. I have therefore decided that if the Tigers win their game this weekend against Munster in Limerick (which is so unlikely that we are more likely to be spinning unicorn hair next year) I will splash out and get it but if they don't I won't. This is reverse psychology as although I DO want the drum carder I really DON'T want to spend £225 on it (and I would like the Tigers to win although I know that they won't). Does any of that make sense?

update: 19.24pm saturday
anyone know where I can get me some unicorn hair then?


Ro said...

Oh yea of little faith. C'mon you Tiiiiiii Guuuuurs!

Get your cheque book out. We're on a roll!

Woolly Wormhead said...

A drum carder is a must!`Seriously, I ever wonder how I coped without one now. And they don't have to be that expensive - mine is a Louet Junior, cost about £150 new. Superb!

Ro said...

There you go then. Get on that internet and start looking for a drum carder!

Artis-Anne said...

I too want a drum carder and was going to buy one after Xmas but somehow the cash ran out !! Still I do have the Guilds carder on loan so its not that bad , it just makes me want to have my own even more LOL. I can't decide between a Louet or an Ashford though ; beware of buying sight unseen as this one I am using (Barnet no longer made )is not that good although I confess I have been looking on E-bay !!
My HOW did you manage to go to Winghams without buying any thing ? Guess I live so far I go nuts when I visit. Jacket is looking good

Kath said...

It must be year of the drum carder - I want one too! Surely you didn't manage to resist the lure of Winghams and not get anything? I know I'm skint but I don't think I could not manage to come home empty handed! Jacket looks good though - I love the colours!

TutleyMutley said...

That 'knitty' jacket looks lovely - but what a pain to knit - I always find knitting into the back of each stitch is hard work because it's not what is normally done so it ruins any rhythm...
Drum carder? what you lot going on about?