Thursday, May 17, 2007

New neighbours

See who I discovered had moved in at my local farm shop (Hinchcliffes in Netherton).

I dropped in on my way back from Ro's last weekend to buy a tub of Dixon's Chocolate muddy fudge ice cream only to find that these two had taken up residence. They don't belong to the farm but to someone else and are just living there for the time being. Nice to see them tho'. I must find out what the owner is intending to do with the fleece.

Other news is that I finished my Dublin Bay socks and they are lovely; wore them to drive this week and I haven't washed them so they haven't faded yet. I've been knitting little mitred squares out of left over sock wool with a sort of vague long term aim of a jacket of some sort but it's very hazy and unformed idea wise as yet.

The other crafty thing that I've done is felted soap, yep that's right felted soap. Got the instructions from Cledry Yarner's blog. What a great idea. My first attempt (wrapped round a Rose and Geranium flavoured SUMA soap, which is the perfect shape for felting) and I quite like it. Got another soap at the ready to try again. I've given this one to Ro.


Artis-Anne said...

Oh aren't they lovely :) Isn't it anazing we can't go past a fluffy animal now without thinking will it spin ? The fleece that is , not the animal !!
I keep meaning to do one of these felted soaps when I first saw them on Stacey site . I wonder if they last longer and what's left at the end ?!!

katie said...

thanks for the felted soap link = what a cracking idea! great new additions to the neighbourhood! and that flavour ice cream sounds awesome!

Kath said...

Those new neighbours of yours are so sweet - they do look so cuddly and cry out to be spun! It would be nice to be able to get hold of some of the fleece as well! The felted soap look lovely - you'll have to let us know how they wear with time!

Artis-Anne said...

Mnay thanks for the info re tha Bowmant sheep and the link also. Its amazing isn't it how much we learn about sheep since we staarted to spin/knit. No wonder its such a soft yarn then :) Did you take part in this challenge? I will have to find out where in Wales this flock is but when I bought it I was on my way & too tired . How are things with you & are you going to Woolfest ?

Artis-Anne said...

See I can't type either !! need a new keyboard too !!