Thursday, September 29, 2005


Well my dear sister has told me that the picture is visible when I'm off line, so now I'm up and running. Unfortunately I can't seem to get involved in knitting at the moment, have hit a full stop on Elfine's socks whilst turning the heel. Never knitted toe up before and I'm not entirely convinced the finished article will fit so am a little despondent. I want to start something else to get me back on track, but I'm not sure what at the moment. Will have to do some browsing of "things I've seen and liked and put by for later". I'll do that tomorrow(day off work! Hurrah!).

So instead of posting a picture of my knitting I'm posting a picture of my truck. Bye the way, it wasn't me that trashed the bottom step and front bumper, must have been one of the other drivers. I only drive it two days a week.

Have to say that other drivers are somewhat bemused by the sight of a woman trucker knitting. I don't knit while I'm driving, but a couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my drivers side windscreen wiper which decided in the middle of a monsoon like downpour to stop working. I managed to get to the M.A.N. dealer to get it fixed and they told me it'd take a few hours. The kind man on the service desk told me all the things I could do whilst waiting. "No that's okay" I said "I've got my knitting with me." He was gobsmacked. Every time anyone came in he pointed out that the trucker waiting for a repair was passing the time knitting! I did point out to him that traditionally many male dominated occupations had been associated with knitting (sailors for instance) but he didn't look convinced. Ah well, I continue to knit in public and spread the word!


Ling said...

Hi. Welcome to blogland. It's a steep learning curve but you'll get there. I've only just discovered how to link!
Well done on knitting in public, it's liberating! Loads more people decide to talk to you!
Hope to see more of you.


Hey top blogging! I love the mental image you've created of you sat knitting while your truck is repaired. And thanks for your comments about the bridesmaid dress. I am leaning towards the green as well but our Claire has the final say. She is so stressed about it all poor love. Where do you drive your truck? Do you have regular routes or is it always changing?