Friday, September 30, 2005

oooh er

So this is the sock that's put it's little foot down firmly and positively refuses to get any bigger. It's not a particularly inspiring pic, partly because I can't get my damned camera to focus on it (seems to like the ball of wool tho'). I think that I might be going to start something else.

Went into town today and in the Kirkwood Hospice shop bought a load of old patterns and two stitch holders. Five p. each pattern and fifty pence the stitch holders (bargain)

Hmmmm. the Hawkins Bazaar catalogue seems to have crept into the top right hand of the picture. I can heartily recommend this publication to anyone who likes "stuff"

I'm a bit concerned that I may be the kind of person who's more into the paraphenalia than the actual process of knitting, though to be fair I have got a number of completed (and half completed, alright I admit it, I don't like blocking or sewing up my projects) things lying around making the place look untidy. I have even WORN the cable jumper I knitted from the Stitch and Bitch handbook.

See it posing seductively in my undecorated spare bedroom (best natural light in the house).

Omigosh I'm all excited, the rugby team I support are playing in Wales tonight and I was expecting to listen to the commentary over the internet. I've just discovered that the match is actually being shown live WITH PICTURES over the web. Wow the wonders of broadband.

blimey I know it's raining in Newport but it looks as if they're playing in a goldfish bowl .........complete with refraction. Perhaps the wonders of broadband aren't quite up to action pictures yet, not on my bandwidth anyway.

Oh well, up the Tigers!

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