Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Despite my best intentions I completely forgot to post the credits for those whose patterns I used for the Christmas presents that I posted on my last blog. Very sorry for that omission to all concerned.

The three cornered hat is from a free pattern on Woolywormhead's site. It's a very quick and simple knit, but the end result is good. Ro was so impressed with the one I knitted that she immediately knitted one for herself. Now two more people know the "two needle crochet cast off" who didn't before. Many thanks!

The hot water bottle cover was inspired by the BAWK from Yarnagogo, but with a couple of adaptations of my own from the pattern in Simply Knitting. I decided NOT to add the beads as an embellishment which featured on the Simply Knitting hot water bottle cover.

BEADS? on a hottle cover? Who wants to hug that????? crazy people on that Simply Knitting mag, no?

The Moebius scarf was knitted from a free pattern on this site. This is so effective but very simple once you get going. All the way through the cast on and first few rounds you can't actually believe that it's going to work, but hey presto. There it is at the end.

The finger scarf technique was shown to me by Ashley Selman at the wool shop in Addingham where I bought the Adriafil yarns for it. The bag which I knitted to match it was very loosely based on the bag in the January issue of Simply Knitting, but I mostly made it up as I went along.

The Clapotis for Ann, you all know about, pattern by Kate Gilbert featured on Knitty. Known and loved throughout the knitting world. And the bag for Ro was adapted from a pattern in Simply Knitting which was taken from Emma King's "25 Bags to knit".

Once again apologies to all concerned for my failure to post these credits on my original post.

Happy New Year to all.


Woolly Wormhead said...

Wahoo! Yours is the first hat I've seen knitted from the pattern, other than my own! Thought I recognised it ;) Thanks sooo much for using it :))

ra said...

I'll get ro to send a picture of the one she did too if you want. I'm thinking of doing a beret as well.

I love free patterns and really appreciate the people who go to the trouble of posting them.
I want to do my own designs but am still at the adaptation of others stage as yet.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Yes please, would love to see more photos!

If you can adapt the designs of others', then you can design your own. Making it up as you go along is a lot easier than writing them, though...

I'm happy posting free patterns - have gained a lot from other folk doing it, so only fair to give a bit back :)

Ro said...

I think mine mught have to be frogged cos it's a bit floppy. Ra obviously didn't give me adequate advice on selecting the appropriate needles. ;)