Sunday, January 22, 2006

Once upon a time

Long, long ago a knitter started to make a bag. She bought the yarn and the pattern and began to knit. Then she decided that she didn't like the handles that she'd bought for the bag, so she bought some different handles from ebay.
BUT whilst waiting for the new handles to arrive, she lost the pattern. It wasn't a very complicated pattern, but she couldn't remember how much she needed to decrease for the second handle. So the bag languished alone and unloved in a carrier bag under the table in the dining room.
HOWEVER, whilst at her sister's house at new year, moving stuff about in the spare bedroom lo and behold, the knitter unearthed the pattern for her bag. (Don't ask me how it got there, bloody cat probably kidnapped it.) The knitter was very happy to have found her pattern. She hurried home to rescue the lost bag from under the dining table (I use the term hurry in it's loosest sense).


This weekend I finally got round to finishing said bag (except for lining it). I'm not actually as keen on it as I was when I started it BUT I had some yarn left over which I combined with the dodgy ginger mohair and some other stuff for bulk and made
another finger scarf. (excuse me modelling it in my 'jamas) . There was rather more of the ribbony yarn left than I thought and I actually ran out of the ginger mohair, so I changed to some blue mohair I had from Texere, so half the scarf is blueish and half orangeish, which I quite like. And it's enormously long!


Ro said...

The scarf's fab. Now everything becomes clear. Couldn't work out why the scarf was a different colour.

TutleyMutley said...

Isn't it great when you finish something that's been sitting around for AGES? I'm impressed by both.


Great close up shots!

ra said...

mmmmmm close ups (I love my new camera)