Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm afraid I still have no progress to report on my "I do" shrug, despite dragging it all round the country for the past several weeks (did I mention it's going to Cumbria this weekend?). I think this is partly because I think the sleeves are a bit tight and I fear I may have to frog it and start again but I had such a hell of a time with the needles to begin with (blunt!!!) that I can't face it.

Soooooooo I may need to buy some more needles in that size. I nearly got a set of Denise interchangeable needles the other week from the Woolyworkshop, but bottled out at the last minute, figuring that if I'm going to Woolfest (did I mention that I'm going to Woolfest?) I should wait and buy something that I've actually seen and held and can compare to what I have now. Unfortunately I got an email from Gill at Woolyworkshop to say that she'd received an order but no payment and had there been a problem and would I like her to save the goods for me anyway. I had to send a grovelling apology for wasting her time. Oooops!

So I'm a bereft knitter at present, no WIP to speak of 'cos I don't want to start something else major until I've sorted this one out (I was actually enjoying knitting the shrug, and I do like the way that it looks as well and I love the yarn so I'm sure that I will finish it).

Other news is that I went down to Ro's at the weekend and my niece has come over from New Zealand and we went to visit my other sister's cattle after lunch on Sunday whilst the males of the species were watching the football (yawn). So here are some pics of them (the cattle not the chaps).
This is Treasure the bull; he's a Blonde Aquitaine I think, with his current lady of choice, Panda.
And here are some more of the ladies with their offspring. Lovely! There are several more but I couldn't get them all in one shot.

I also thought that I'd post a picture of the bunk in my truck so you can see where I sleep on a Tuesday night. It's very very comfortable and I sleep very well in it.

I also went back to Stafford Services to get picture of the birds for you as promised in a previous post but I was forced to beat a retreat when they started trying to eat me! I kid you not, I didn't even have any food but they all gathered round begging anyway and whilst I was pointing out to them that I only had a cup of coffee and they wouldn't like it two of them snuck round behind me and started pecking the heels of my boots! And I thought bird flu was the worst we had to fear from them, I tell you it's "The Birds" all over again!

See you at Woolfest then (I did say I was going didn't I?)


Annie said...

What a lovely looking place the farm it, and to be able to drive around and sleep in a bed in your truck that is so cool.

acrylik said...

It was a shame we didn't bump in to each other at Woolfest, I hope you had an amazing time!