Sunday, June 04, 2006

More than two weeks

To complete the first one, less than two days to complete the second. Typical.
A pair of Pomatomi (?) knitted in Opal home Kool Aid Dyed sock wool on 2.5mm Inox bamboo DPNs.

Despite going down from size 2.75mm DPNs as specified in the pattern to 2.5mms the socks are still a bit baggier than I'd like. If I did this pattern again (and now I've finally got the hang of it it seems a shame not to), I'd probably go down to 2.25 or even 2mm needles.

I like the pattern though and I'm quite tempted by Craftaholic's mermaid gloves , which she adapted from the Knitty pattern.


Laura said...

That was quick! They look ace.

I really like the mermaid gloves too.

Anne said...

Those are beautiful - I love the colours - kool aid dyeing looks fun!

Ling said...

Wow gorgeous socks!! (Must learn how to knit them soon!) That was super quick knitting.

Thanks for your well wishes. The knee is healing!

Ps - have you got a phone number/website for the guy who was selling of his wool etc? I'm in major stash enhancing mood!!

Anonymous said...

Fab socks!! Even better in the flesh! Also a fan of the mermaid gloves :)

(Guess who?) ;)

acrylik said...

Gorgeous socks and what a fantastic colour.