Friday, June 09, 2006

oh my

it's tomorrow and I haven't planned anything. Haven't even really got anything on the needles at the moment.

I've been wanting to knit a lacey cardi for a while but can't seem to find the pattern that I want. I'm sort of considering "I do" from Knitty Spring05 . But I'm not sure.
I have some yarn that knits to the same gauge but has slightly less mileage on the ball and it seems a bit heavy for the pattern, but it may work out. I'd be knitting it in a grey/green colourway so it would be less bridal looking.

Can't decide, may have to buy some more yarn?

Hmm perhaps not.



Have you seen that Get Knitted is stocking White Lies Designs patterns? There's a few lacy cardigans in there, I'm having a try at Angelina for the Knitting WC - they have some more designs to be added later this week.

Anne said...

OK, this is getting spooky - first it was Crusoe in Opal Handpainted, now it's I Do - I'm currently about 3/4 way through the first sleeve of my second I Do. I'm doing this one in SWTC Bamboo - in black - it's a fun knit, although you do kind of have to make up the decreases and increases as you go along - it's a pretty forgiving pattern though, so it doesn't seem to matter too much what you do :-)