Saturday, July 29, 2006

ha ha ha

My nephew in New Zealand sent me this link. Thanks Nikk.


And here's my latest WIP, it's the Fake-a-Gamo from Knitlit. I saw this pattern a while back and thought it looked like a fun knit so I weighed in the other weekend with some turquoise cotton from Texere Yarns which I had in the stash.

I've finished the first half and cast on for the second. It's not nearly as complicated to knit as it looks (and the cotton is easier than I anticipated) but there are a few minor errors (I think) in the pattern which I've managed to overcome. Of course the errors may be mine rather than Kate's but anyhoo.......

I'm knitting it on an aluminium 5mm circular, not 'cos it needs a circular needle but because they're more portable and I'm finding them easier than the larger straights as they have no ends to get caught on things and they weigh less. I'm thinking glossy black dowel handles rather than the bamboos in the original, I've got some dowel left over from when I made my homemade 15mm needles.


Ling said...

I really want to make this bag too! Yours is a lovely colour. Looks great so far.

Kath said...

I'm glad it's easier than it looks as I love the bag but keep putting it off as it looks too fiddly. Love the idea of the black dowel handles as well!

Gabby said...

wow I like the look of that....I think the colour is fab.
Can't wait to see the pic when it's finished.

kate said...

there were a couple of errors, but the pattern has since been updated & corrected. glad you worked it out. stop by my blog if you'd like a corrected version of the patt for future reference. and your bag looks it in turquoise! thanks for the linky link, too!

Anonymous said...

i love the color of your bag. i am making one now and was wondering if you can help me with the handle shaping part. i am a newbie and need a more detailed pattern. i already did the first row where you have to bind off the center 3 stitches, but don't know how to proceed with the next few rows when you bind off to do the V-shape middle part. thanks!