Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy days!

I appear to have been the victim of a "freak sitting down accident". This is an expression my ex used to use if I suffered a twinge of any description whilst doing not very much. (There was also the "freak lying down accident" which could be equally risky).

Unfortunately this one isn't a joke. Many of you will know that I shouldn't be blogging on a Tuesday morning, I should be in Bristol unloading a truck. However last night I suffered what I suspect may be a trapped nerve in my left hip, possibly brought on by spinning. Whilst I was fine when I got home from work by the time I got into bed at 8-00pm (for my 2-00am start) I was in absolute agony. After trying and failing to get some sleep I finally realised that there was no way that I was up for two days driving/ unloading/ and jumping up and down off the back of a truck. I reluctantly rang one of the transport co-ordinators and gave him the bad news (how to win friends and influence people!).

Luckily despite an acute driver shortage they have managed to find a replacement driver at very short notice (Thanks Sharpey for stepping in to the breach). I'm now not too bad as long as I don't move (or for some strange reason, sit on the loo!).

I think that this came about as a result of sitting on too soft a seat whilst spinning. Having my right foot on the treadle must have put a twisty strain on my left hand side and I think that's what has done it. No more sofa spinning for me. I'll have to find a chair that offers a little more support. I hope this will work, don't want to have to give it up completely. Who knew that spinning could be so risky!?!



Hate to say it, but me! I knew it was risky! Seriously I have really struggled to get comfy while spinning, make sure you find a good chair, maybe something adjustable? not worth doing yourself an injury for.

Hope you feel better soon.

Annie said...

I use a fold-up chair for spinning, it has a firm seat so you can keep your hips reasonably level whilst treadling. Hope you recover quickly

Artis-Anne said...

Oh poor you I hope you are better by now. I have back/joint problems and did initialy try sofa spinning NO way so have now got a straight back chair

ra said...

thank you all for your concern, I'm much better now. Currently spinning on an Ikea Poang chair which is much firmer and seems okay. Still not the back support though. I'll try the other chairs around the place and see how I get on.

Ro said...

You need a spinning chair. Have you tried ebay? ;o)

Kath said...

Those spinning stools are lovely. My Mum has one and it feels so right to spin from - pity they're out of my budget! I was getting back ache from having the wrong chair - hope you find the right one soon!