Saturday, October 01, 2005

Now that's what I call service

............................. arrived this morning after buying it yesterday, yes that's yesterday on ebay from Colourspun Yarns. Now that's what I call service.

It's recycled rayon, which is cheaper than the recycled sari silk and I'm planning to use it for Unbiased from Knitty, so the fact that it will have a different feel than the silk is less important than if it was something I intended to wear. In actual fact it feels okay, not too synthetic and hopefully ideal for the bag. It should be quite a quick knit too and get me back on track.

Today hasn't been a good day one way and another. I woke up this morning with the good intention of setting about painting the spare room and just to get on with it until each wall had at least one coat of paint on it. I'd been having trouble reaching the top of the tallest wall in the room so re-jigged my stepladders which turn into a straight ladder hoping this would give me the extra reach. Unfortunately it was worse than using them as step ladders so went to turn them back and the damned things had jammed.

Decided to go back to bed instead.

Ho hum.

I've got up now (still not dressed) and have managed to wind the rayon into a ball with my excellent wool winder (another ebay purchase). Is it possible to buy these anywhere except ebay? I asked in our local yarn store in the indoor market (strictly acrylic and novelty yarns) and they looked at me as if I'd come down from another planet. So am intending to settle into knitting me bag now, I'm hoping that it's an easy knit (looks okay) 'cos I'm really not in the mood for any kind of a struggle!

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