Saturday, February 25, 2006

hot lava cardigan

For the benefit of Andie who is contemplating making one.

This is the "Hot Lava Cardigan" from the Blue Alvarez site (see link in sidebar under shopping.)

I knitted this a couple of years ago (or was it only last year? From the condition of the spare room I'd say last year). In fact it was the project that got me back into knitting again.

Blimey look at that, then I had no hair and a waist, now I have no waist but I do have hair.



Andie said...

The hot lava looks great, thanks for posting the picture. How much wool and what kind did you use? I bought some wool yesterday the Pins and Needles show from the Sheep Shop. I bought 6 100g balls of Tivoli Space which contains 75m/ball. According to the hot lava pattern I need 5 skeins @ 137 yards, which I think works out at 9 balls....

ra said...

As I was a beginner I bought the wool called for in the pattern, Manos del Uruguay in colourway "Stellar". Bought it over the internet from an American store, Think it was kaleidoscope yarns (see sidebar). Cost about forty quid including postage I think, bought the four(?) skeins specified in the pattern and only just had enough, though the sleeves could have been a bit more closely fitted and a tad shorter I think.
The yarn was quite varied in thickness, very thin in parts and extra chunky in other parts. Lovely wool tho.
If the yarn you've bought knits up to the same guage then yes I think you'll need some more.

acrylik said...

Beautiful pattern and love the colour of the yarn.