Thursday, February 16, 2006

just a quickie

and no pictures.

I'm very tired tonight. I don't know why I've stopped sleeping the night before I drive. When I first started the run down to Bristol I didn't sleep well 'cos I was anxious about it, then I started to get to know what I was doing and getting used to it and I'd go to bed about eight or nine o'clock and wake up at 2-00am, so I'd have about five hours sleep. Now I'm still going to bed at that time but I'm either not getting off, or I go to sleep for about an hour and then wake up again. Once I'm awake I just think about what I'll be doing the following day, not in a worrying sort of way but just running things through in my mind and planning it. "If I can get the drops in Bristol done by three pm I'll have time to drive up and do the one in Boughton, maybe pick up the pallets from Cheltenham, or do the drop in Chipping Camden on the first day too, that'll leave me less to do on day two and I can get back earlier." That kind of stuff. It's crazy 'cos whatever I plan the night before it's all dependent on what happens when I'm out; traffic conditions etc.

Tuesday night I always sleep well, I wake up a few times but have no problem getting back off 'cos I'm always so knackered, and when the alarm goes off at between five and six a.m. depending on where I've parked up, I never want to get out of bed.

Wednesday I'm back in my own bed and pretty tired again and you'd think I'd sleep okay, but I quite often wake up early; quarter to four this morning, and then have trouble going back to sleep. Finally drop off about sixish only for my alarm to go off at seven. It's a bit of a pain and I'm not sure what's the best thing to do about it. Having said that I seem to be better at driving tired than I was and don't seem to get that awful falling asleep feeling the last hour or so of the drive down. Window open and singing at the top of my voice seems to be the way to combat that one.

Hope I haven't worried anyone too much posting this, in actual fact I'm far safer than I make it sound. I'm just very tired NOW.

Perhaps I'd better get to bed, so night to you all!

Oh bye the way Tiger feet progressing and even the Tubey's started up again.

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TutleyMutley said...

Do take care - I once fell asleep on the way home from work and drove gently into the car in front of me. I dread to think what I might have done! (Thinks, driven under a lorry? Knocked over child or passerby?) And I was so sure I could make it home (only had a couple of miles to go). Tisn't worth the risk.
You do sound a bit jetlagged though. It's a long way down yer from up north. (Do you need a passport to get home again???)