Sunday, February 12, 2006

Socks, socks, socks

Completed Jaywalkers, I'm very pleased with them. they feel like a pair of little hugs on my feet. It looks as if there's a hole on the instep of the right one, but it's just a particularly YELLOW bit of yarn. I have discovered that the best way to take pictures of socks in artificial light is to lie on your back on the settee and wave your feet in the air, thus the odd composition (it also makes your ankles look thinner). The colour hasn't come out too well as I had to use the flash.
This is a great pattern, it's easy to knit but not too boring and the finished effect is good. There's a bit of a funny bit where the rib stops and the pattern starts, sort of sticky outy, but I can live with that.
All round jolly pleased, in fact I've bought some more of the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in another colour (Fall Foliage) as I found it so nice to knit with. I have a couple of patterns in mind for it Crusoe from the Spring '03 issue of Knitty and I like Pomatomus from the latest issue, but think it needs to be done in a greeny bluey colour so am on the lookout for that. Quite fancy doing another pair of Jaywalkers too, maybe as a present?

Once I'd finished those I immediately cast on these:-
They're my Tiger feet.

I'm using the basic pattern that comes with the Opal yarn. Was considering another pair of Jaywalkers, but I didn't want anything to detract from the Tiger Stripeyness of the knitted up yarn.

In addition to this I am HONESTLY going to restart my Tubey this afternoon whilst the rugby is on the box. (Well I may pick up the stitches before the kick off as I need to concentrate for that bit!).I've decided that Tubey is a home knit and that socks are a knitting whilst out and about knit.

I noticed last night that it says on the bottom of the basic sock pattern:

"WARNING Sock Knitting is highly addictive"

They're not kidding are they?????



Beautiful socks. You're right, it's a great pattern, perfect for when you've tired of basic socks but aren't quite ready for lacey or cabled ones yet. And the Cherry Tree Hill supersock is the best sock wool I have found. I knit a pair with it this time last year. I wash them every week. They've gone soft and fuzzy but show no sign of wearing out yet. The colours are out of this world aren't they? Did you know they stock the solid colours here? I don't think their web design is as good as Get Knitted but they do really good customer service.

Ali said...

Great socks! I tried last night to start on a pair of Jaywalkers but couldn't do the pattern and got really frustrated!! After seeing yours I'm inspired to try again!!

Miss Janelle said...

Your Jaywalkers are beautiful! Love the yarn, too!

KnitYoga said...

The Jaywalkers look really fab! Knitting socks is highly addictive??? Oops, I'd better not get that kit out of the drawer then!!! I'm already unhealthily obsessed with yarny stuff! By the way, your comment on my blog of "What, no chocolate?" Wrong - just hadn't got around to adding that to the supplies at that point. ;-)

Alice said...

i saw a pair of tiger socks jaywakered recently. it worked quite well, but lost from the tiger-ness a bit. I was thinking of jaywalkering a flamingo

and yes, I'm now thinking I'm ONLY going to knit socks from now on :)

TutleyMutley said...

Socks *are* addictive - and so portable too! So easy to stuff into ones pocket and take out at opportune moments. Lead me to the sock yarn ...
Knit tigger gets tigger socks. Brill.

Ro said...

Finished my first 'ordinary' pair of socks last week. Just printed off the jaywalkers pattern to try something a little more taxing!

Wish me luck

craftydramaqueen said...

The socks look brill, you are really clever. I've thought about trying to knit socks...I'll have to ask the birthday fairy to get me a kit!!! Did you enjoy living in the land of the Makems?