Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back again

Well it was a mixed weekend. Tigers lost their match (we was robbed!!) but we had a pretty good time apart from that.

We pootled down to Bristol on Friday morning, stopping off at The Evesham Wool Shop which I'd seen advertised in Simply Knitting. Had tried to go there when I was driving and had a drop in Evesham, but I got there before it opened so missed out that time. Anyhow, Ro bought some cotton by a Spanish company called Katia in lovely vibrant colours. I persuaded her that she should buy a crochet hook to go with it so she did. I was remarkably restrained and bought NOTHING!!!!

We stopped for lunch in Bristol at La Ruca, which is a shop / cafe that I deliver too. They were a little surprised to see me on a Friday, but we got an excellent lunch there. By an amazing stroke of luck I went into the toy shop next door where I have bought sock kits before now and they had a skein of Opal Hagebutte sock yarn, which I'd seen on ebay the week before and sort of hummed and ha-ed over but not bought. So I decided that this was Kismet, and promptly bought it. It's lovely, I've started Crusoe with it, but fear I may have to frog and cast on more stitches than the pattern calls for.

After lunch we continued on to Cardiff and booked in to our hotel. We had been planning to go out and do stuff, but we were a bit tired after our particularly good lunch and it had started snowing so we stayed in and Ro started to crochet her cotton into a scarf and I began knitting the slippers from Simply Knitting using some wool and acrylic from my stash; and we did that for the rest of the evening (we sure know how to have a good time!). We also took pictures of our finished Tiger feet. I've hit a bit of a full stop with the slippers as the pattern doesn't make ANY sense at all, so I've done the soles (remembering to reverse the pattern for the second one even though the pattern fails to point this out!) and the ankle part, but need to figure out the upper toe part.

Saturday we went into Cardiff and wandered round the shops during the morning spotting fellow Tigers fans (the socks were as far as we went in the "dressing up like a tiger" stakes) and opposition fans and fans of the two teams playing in the second match. In the afternoon we went to the stadium and watched both games (I'll draw a veil over that part), then went for a meal and back to the hotel for more knitting / crochet etc.

After breakfast on Sunday we checked out of the hotel and drove back down into Cardiff where we took a picture of Rose outside the Millenium Stadium (doesn't she look tiny?).
We also went to a little street market just over the river from the stadium where we bought some Wild Boar and Dragon sausages (that's what it said on the packet anyway!). We also bought a chocolate cake for my other sister and her family for looking after Gracie for the weekend and Ro bought some fudge and toffee for her colleagues (including some chilli fudge which we were given a taste of and boy was it GOOD (also very HOT).

We then drove back stopping at the Wheatsheaf public house in Northleach for lunch and arrived in Northampton to watch my nephew in the quarter final of the colts cup (or some such tournament) only to find that the match had finished about a minute before we arrived. (But his team had won so that's okay!)

Anyhow, got back to Huddersfield today after an action packed weekend! Now I need a proper rest.


Miss Janelle said...

I just read in your sidebar that Tubey is finished. Why haven't we seen any photos, Missy? Looking forward to seeing the Tiger socks, too!

ra said...

tubey picture here http://tubeyknitalong.blogspot.com/2006/02/finished-tubey.html on the tubey knit along.

Anonymous said...

wow, you seemed to have a good time - sorry to hear that the 'Tigers' lost but your socks are winners !!!

Elizabeth said...

What great socks!!!!!!!! As far as the yarn I used on my scarf, it is in a family of other yarns put out under the generic brand "No Boundaries" with no name for the yarns themselves... and I got it at Wal-Mart :-( I'm so ashamed...

Frances said...

Let me know next time you come to Cardiff - us Welshified knitters will look after you. Beautious socks!