Saturday, March 11, 2006


Good golly, will you look at this. Whilst trolling about yesterday morning trying to decide if it was worth the effort of getting up and getting dressed, the postman came.

And look what he brought me!!

More lovely goodies from my secret pal.

A pair of handknitted wrist warmers/mittens, which fit like a glove (LoL) and will be perfect for keeping me snug whilst using the computer (at home and at work). They're done in something nice and soft and silky feeling, I don't know what it is. But I love the colour.

It was so nice to get a handmade gift that I was immediately inspired to use the wool that I'd bought to send to my spoilee to make something for her instead. So now I have a secret project on the needles and I'm having a re-think on Crusoe as I'm not sure if I should soldier on and find they don't fit or give up now and start again (again).

Also in my parcel was a copy of the latest issue of Knitting magazine, which has a couple of patterns in it that I'd like to give a whirl. I've ticked the ones I like but not sure how well it shows up.

Retro, the dress I wouldn't wear as a dress, but shortened I'd like it as a jumper; like the neckline.

Inuit, the slippers would have to be done without the furry bits or the bobbles.

Inca is the childs jumper and it's nice but i don't know anyone with children.

Zest is the green cardigan and I really like that just as is.

She also sent a pair of Brittany birchwood needles which are just gorgeous and lovely and smoooooooth and delicious. If they weren't so pointy I'd want to cuddle them. I've decided that I could quite easily get into using posh needles and here's my lovely secret pal who has sent me not one but TWO pairs . Bless her she is FAB! (I'm using the clover DPNs that she sent me last time on my secret project)

She also sent me a pretty flowery card which is now on top of the telly so I can see it when I look up from my knitting, and all this was beautifully gift wrapped. Thank you so much.

Just hope that I can spoil my spoilee as much as my spoiler spoils me! (betcha can't say that five times really fast!)


sal the spider said...

Hmmmn, mine are 6, 12 and 14. Do you want me to email you their sizes so you can make a start? :-))
Have you seen the muk luks in Dec Interweave? Look similar to the slippers in your pic. They also have a furry section that I can't quite decide if I love or hate!
Sal x

ra said...

nah, you're alright, think they're all a bit too big for it anyhoo. LoL

Haven't seen the muk luks, but probably the same. Patterns seem to do the rounds a bit don't they?

Anne said...

Ohh - I hope I haven't put you off the Crusoes for good. I'll let you know how mine turn out.

Anonymous said...

The gloves are knitted with 'Zanzibar' from 'Colinette Yarns' unfortantly can't remember the colourway.
So glad you like your gifts.

Sharon J said...

What a wonderful SP you've had. I have to admit that I haven't been a very good secret pal, I'd planned so much more. I think I'll send another package after SP7's over, though. ~Sharon