Friday, March 10, 2006

Crusoe's Progress

Okay I know I'm getting my classical literature mixed up, but this is sock related (surprise!).

I frogged the first attempt as I decided that they were never in a million years going to fit me, and started again on needles one size up (2.5mm). I'm still not entirely convinced that they'll go over my ankles (particularly the manky one), but we shall see. If not I'll just have to give them away (sob).

Started them yesterday afternoon and carried on at Knit & natter yesterday evening. Seem to be the sock lady now (was doing my Jaywalkers at the last one). Someone had brought along a copy of the spring Interweave Knits magazine, there are some great patterns in it. I may decide to subscribe!
Anyhoo, here's the detail of the stranded pattern on the socks, I think this yarn suits it quite well, but you have to be very close to get the best effect, don't think anyone gets that close to my feet.

God, dontcha LOVE those colours?


Anne said...

Spooky! It's like looking at my own knitting! I'm doing Crusoe too, using Opal Handpainted - how many stitches are you using - the 48 in the pattern seems very small to me, so I'm using 64.

Does your yarn change character depending on the light? Mine is gorgeous during the day, but quite drab in artificial light. Wierd!

(I'll try to get some pics up on my blog soon, so you can compare.)

Anne said...

I got mine on eBay too :-)

I've seen it in a couple of online shops though, Get Knitted have it: (scroll down) and Wollsucht: (which is a German
site, but Uta is happy to correspond in English - even including the postage
to the UK her prices are very reasonable.)

As for the no. of stitches, I generally go by st. per in. x inches foot
circumference x 9/10. (I find that taking that 10% off stops them going too

Hope that's some help, (I'll go and take a progress pic now...)


Anonymous said...

Just love the colour it's great.

Ling said...

Hi. Love the socks, gorgeous colours. I must learn sock knitting soon. Sorry to hear about the Tigers, they played well!