Sunday, March 12, 2006

Just wanted to share this

If you look in my sidebar you'll see a link to the Matt Hampson Appeal. This is an article that appeared in the Sunday Times about him.



Sharon J said...

What a shame. It's always sad when something so tragic happens to somebody that young. Do you know him? ~Sharon

ra said...

No I don't know Matt, but support for his situation has been taken up by the club and by the supporters; and not just supporters from our club, but from all over the place.
There is a tremendous feeling of solidarity amongst the rugby community when something like this happens (thankfully it's not that common, though this isn't the first time). Hence the appeal, which I believe was started by his team mates but rapidly gained all kinds of support.

Glad to see that you're feeling well enough to do some blogging. Take care of yourself.