Thursday, March 02, 2006

We're off to see the Tiggers......

Powergen Cup semi final v Wasps

Millennium Stadium Cardiff

Saturday 4th March 2-30pm.

I'm going down to Ro's this afternoon and then we're driving down to Cardiff on Friday and making a weekend of it. Hoping the weather and road salt isn't too rough for poor Rose.
Rose is Ro's car (geddit?). She won her in a raffle at the end of last season, you can't see it in the picture, but her roof is signed by the entire England world cup winning squad.

Wish us luck, we've been a bit off form recently and it's a long way to go if we don't win.

Hey ho!

I STILL haven't finished my tiger feet, sort of half way along the second foot. I should manage them by Saturday. I parked up in the market place in Northleach on Tuesday night and went to the Sherbourne Arms for my evening meal. It was lovely to be sat in a comfortable settee in front of a roaring fire with my knitting whilst waiting for my meal to be cooked. Got a few rounds done but was afraid that I'd fall asleep there so after eating I went back to the truck and bedded down for the night. Blimey it was cold that night. It's the first time that I've done an overnighter that I haven't been totally cosy wrapped up in my duvet. Mostly I was okay but my nose was freezing! I'm seriously considering knitting a nightcap!

Still not sure about my next project, though I'm tending towards a pair of slippers, I'll let you know.


Ling said...

I read about what's happening with the Tigers since I've "met" you! Hope you have a great weekend!

ra said...

Aw that's so nice of you, hope you have good news to read about them on Sunday morning.

acrylik said...

Good luck to the Tigers! I used to live right opposite the Welford Road ground (I lived on Aylestone Road) - you could see the pitch from our living room window - very handy! Have a great weekend!

Tatty said...

Oh yeah . . . . . well look what I won in a raffle down the "Frog and Friggit" ( pub ).
Pink Mobile
It includes all the sound effects and song as well . . . . . !!!!!!!

Up the Tigers . . . . not literally of course :-)

TutleyMutley said...

Blimey - someone wun a CAR in a raffle?? cor, that's good - most I've ever won was a packet of scented drawer liners - the sort that you ALWAYS get in a raffle.
Are you going to make felted slippers? I'm thinking of ordering a kit from the states...

ra said...

was going to do the ones in simply knitting, like big bootees with leather patch soles. Tried felted ones (Fuzzyfeet) and they failed to shrink so they're a bit of a trip hazard!