Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm still not sure.....

...........about this scarf. I loved the picture of the finished item in I.K. and I like the stitch pattern and love the colour of the yarn (which I am having real trouble getting a good picture of as the light is so awful at the moment) but I'm not entirely convinced by the shape of the scarf in real life.

Here's a reasonable shot of the colours!

The problem is that the scarf is, well, it's a scarf. And I'm not sure that yarn as luxurious as this wants to be just a scarf. I think it wants to be a stole or a wrap.

A scarf's a bit dull

a bit everyday

a bit mundane

and a bit long and thin. My concern is that it'll just look like a long thin stringy thing.

Thing is that I'm not really a wrap or a stole kinda gal. I can see me wearing it as a scarf, but probably not as a stole or a wrap. I guess I may as well finish it now (it's nearly done) and see how I feel then, rather than frog it right away. It may only need to be a bit wider and shorter than it is now.

Told you Ro; the blue toque of indecision!!!

Oh by the way re. the fringe problem. I measured off the whole length required for the fringe and just cut that off in one piece rather than in 200 pieces; that's the small ball on the right in the first picture.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot. I'm entering the "Tour de Fleece" this year (see also button in sidebar). I realise that it's a gruelling challenge and I suspect that I'll be way back in the pelleton if not the lanterne rouge rather than up with the tete de la course. Anyone else up for it? Lets see those wheels spinning!

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Kath said...

Wow that Tour de Fleece is going to be some challenge! Go for it! I'm away on holiday during that so I'd have no chance!
Its a shame the scarf isn't quite what you'd had in mind. That seems to be the case sometimes when you have that extra special yarn to play with. I hope it grows on you - the colours look lovely from what I could see.