Friday, June 15, 2007

You can call me chicken...

... but I'm finding it very difficult to start the "Montego Bay Scarf" I mentioned from the latest Interweave Knits. This has something to do with the fact that I'm using Handmaiden Sea Silk (£17 per skein) and the first instruction in the pattern reads;
"Cut 200 12" lengths of yarn" (for the fringe at the ends).

Do you think I'm being unreasonable?

Should I just bite the bullet?


Should I find another pattern?

p.s. do you like the girls? They're supposed to be garden ornaments I think, but if I put them out in the garden the fox might get them!


Anonymous said...

Don’t do it!!!

Knit the scarf, and then see how much you have left for the fringe. Or find another pattern – do you need a pattern to knit a scarf?

See ya


Anonymous said...

Knit the scarf, but use a different yarn for the fringe - one which you don't mind cutting.

acrylik said...

Oh my word, I would shy away from that pattern too! I agree with the other commenter, see if you can find a complementary yarn for the fringing.

Name: Ro said...

Go on, you know you want to! Snip that yarn.

Ling said...

I'd knit the scarf first and then cut the yarn after, if there was enough left.

Love the girls, BTW!

littlelixie said...

Eeek! Substitute the yarn!

als said...

I'd knit the scarf then see how much yarn was left, you can always alter the fringe if necessary!! Much easier than trying to complete the scarf with joined 12 inch pieces.

Love the girls, we've got a couple of similar "Happy Hens" from a pottery in Dunedin, but ours are money boxes.

Kath said...

I'd definately be chicken as well - knit the scatf first then see what's left! Love the ladies though!