Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just stuff..........

Well I've been quite a busy little bee but in true bee mode I've been flitting from one thing to another without settling down to anything much. The only finished object that I have to show is a second felted soap (thank you Cledry Yarner for the method). I like the colours on this one better than the first. They are more my colours but they don't match my bathroom which is still the same bilious shade of , ................. hmm, kinda lost for words on that one! Anyhhoo, the same shade it was when I bought the house.

On the spinning front I've been playing around with carding colour into natural coloured fleece again. These are two samples of the Ryeland/Jacob that I bought last year carded together with

firstly some bronze coloured roving and

secondly some greenery browny bluey (with whitish blobs) wool/silk. The next challenge is to card enough to make something with. I've taken advice on the best way of doing this whilst maintaining consistency of colour across the whole amount from the Online Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers. The Internet is truly amazing, post a question and get an (almost) immediate response from half a dozen people.

Lastly I've started another (yes yet another) pair of socks. This time I'm knitting them toe up together. Yup, one circular, two socks. It's pretty cool and easier than I expected but would be easier still with two circulars. Unfortunately I only have the one in the right size at the moment.

I'm knitting them from left over yarn. I had about enough of the Trekking XXL no.28 from the Falling Leaves socks left for one more sock (I think), and enough of the Kool Aid dyed stuff I did ages ago for my Pomatomus' for one sock so decided to knit up a pair using both and alternating them . Bit odd but fun (well I think so) and a great way of using up left over sock yarn.

I'm using the pattern from the article in IK which I mentioned in my last post, which has charts for various sizes and you just choose the ones that apply to you foot size/needle size gauge etc. Nice little bit of mindless knitting.

I'm very keen to get back on the spinning, particularly as Ro has booked us into the Friday night spin in at Woolfest (gulp!) and I need the practice. So I was pleased to find this on Diane's site. The Sunday Spin along (see also link in sidebar). I got there via Annie's site Up Knit Creek. Thanks Annie. I may not go through all the techniques that she's going to post, but I like the idea of putting some time each week aside for spinning. Believe the Yarn Harlot does the same on a Tuesday so we're all in good company.

Breaking news: Ro has succumbed and started her own blog which you can find here: Tiggerish Tails way to go sis!


Ro said...

Oh no! Does that mean I have to practice spinning too?

ra said...

only if you feel it necessary so as not to appear a klutz!

Diane said...

Everyone should be practising spinning ;-)

I love the idea of the alternating colours socks - can't wait to see them finished!

Artis-Anne said...

Love the felted soap & I rather this colour too:)
Great samples of your spinning as well.
I totally agreee the internt is such a great place to learn. Hope we see you at Woolfest :)