Friday, June 22, 2007

That's me done for the next week

Yes! Hurrah! The holiday starts here!!!!

And not a moment too soon, this has been one of the less enjoyable weeks of my life. Lack of sleep; problems with my run; general ennui. But now I have nothing to do except look forward to


Complaining continues for most of the rest of this post so if you can't face it just ignore the rest of it and wait for the next one instead!

I say there's nothing to do but I have quite a lot of stuff to organise and loads of money to spend before then. The car is being M.O.T.d as we speak (failed first time on several bulbs and a leaking CV joint on the offside front!). They also told me that there's a problem with the ignition, but I don't believe them. I gave them the spare key which I never use and they say they're having trouble starting it. I used that key to drive to the garage yesterday morning and had no trouble at all. Never do with the usual key either!!

Once that's sorted I have to tax it, renew the breakdown cover and probably insure it as well (these things all come together when you buy a car from a garage of course as tax and MOT are done when you buy it!!). I have a guy coming to mend my kitchen roof next week (I hope he's coming next week anyway) as it's been leaking since last Autumn. I'm not even going to tell you how much that will cost!

Two weeks ago my oven stopped working so I had to get that fixed. The first week the guy came to look at it he didn't have the part, had to order it. So while he was there I thought he may as well service my gas fire and boiler as neither had been done since my moving in (in 2000) in the first instance, and fitting (in 2002) in the second. So he did them and the following week returned to fit the part. Suffice it to say that what he made from me will go some way towards paying for his holiday in Costa Rica!

It's jolly lucky that I'm normally such a tight git or I wouldn't have the money to pay for all this. However I am a tight git so I do (I just resent having to).

Sorry to go on about money, I can afford it all so it's not as if I'm in a particularly tight spot but I just need to get this moan off my chest then I can be all glad and holiday like and start looking forward to four days in Cumbria full of scenery, knitting, spinning and like minded folk.

Oh yeah, speaking of which we've got a new contract worker at SUMA who's come in over the summer to help cover the driving rota. She's going to be driving my run next week. She asked me if I was going anywhere nice and I said (a little sheepishly (pun intended) as you don't know how muggles will react to this kind of information) "I'm going to a wool festival".

"Ooooh" she said "Like for knitting?" Turns out that she was wearing one of her own creations (knitting machine) and that she'd done a textiles course then worked for a (commercial) spinning company previously. hah hah, us textile types get everywhere!


Annie said...

Have a great time at Woolfest, wish I was going *pushes away green-eyed monster*

als said...

I'm dead jealous but I'll definitely be going with you next year!!!
Just got to get everything sorted out this end for the big adventure. I'd best get cracking!

Kath said...

Thank goodness there is WoolFest to calm you down with! They should have a bloggers meeting post - it sounds as if there are a load of us going! Exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, have a good time, I've lost your e-mail, could you give it to me sometime? Is that your car? good numberplate.


Ali said...

Hi Ra
Have a great time at Woolfest. I'll be there on Saturday so maybe I'll see you then?