Friday, June 08, 2007

Very quick post

Finished pair of "Leftovers socks" These have been a bit of a hit at work, not so much because of the inverted nature of the colour scheme but because I knitted them both at the same time. Many people found this rather a difficult one to get their head round, but it's very straightforward and simple. The worst bit is making sure that the yarn doesn't get horribly tangled.

I think I mentioned that I was using the pattern for toe up socks from the latest IK. Toe up is ideal for these socks as you can just carry on until the smaller amount or yarn runs out. Perfect!

Ro's coming up tomorrow and we're going to Honley Show. It's ages since I've been to a proper agricultural show and I'm looking forward to it. I believe that Sandy Davison of Yorkshire Woolybacks of Kilburn (from whom I bought the fleece that I've been playing with recently) will be showing her sheep there, and there's also an Alpacca display (wonder if they're the one's I saw at the farm shop the other weekend?). I've been living in Huddersfield for many years now and this is the first time that I'll have been to this show though I intend to go every year I just don't get round to it. Managed the Harden Moss Sheepdog Trials one year which was quite good fun.


Ling said...

Great socks! Bet it didn't take long when you knit both at the same time!

Kath said...

Great socks - did you find it took longer or was quicker doing 2 at once? The thought does intimidate me a little trying 2 at the same time and I can imaging tangles galore! Hope you have fun at the show!

ra said...

I think it was quicker than doing one after the other, but it's a while since I did a pair that were just plain SS and the toe up technique is new to me as well so hard to say.
Really it's very easy, next time I'd use two needles I think but you just need to keep tangling potential in mind and make sure you turn the work the opposite direction to normal every now and then. If you can do magic loop you can do this!
Ro says I'm a process knitter!